Travelling back to Brazzaville

All good things come to an end, so too our stay at the Auberge Vigoureux. We really enjoyed the stay, and were very well looked after by the manager and his wife. It’s not an easy operation they are running there, with logistics quite a challenge as well as just the upkeep of such as large property that has lay abandoned for a long time before they took over.

On the way back to Brazzaville we stopped off in Pounga to see the church (also built by Armand Vigoureux). We saw the great baobab tree that Pietro Savorgnan di Brazzà apparently etched his name in back in 1877 while resting during one of his famous expeditions to Congo. We also stopped in Dolisie for a short wander around, but soon had to continue so as to try to reach Brazzaville during daylight.

Setting off from Dolisie we drove along the N1 until Mindouli and then hoped to cut south to get onto the Kinkala – Brazzaville road, a much shorter route than following the N1 east all the way to the N2, before turning south to Brazzaville. But the link between Mindouli and the Kinkala road turned out to be impassable. We kept going for about 1/2 hour, but it became harder and harder and our car was really struggling, until there was no option but to turn around and return back to the N1. A couple of times we commented on how there were no other vehicles on the link road, and obviously that finally got its explanation as the road simply wasn’t drivable! Ha!

We got back home about 9 hours after leaving Dimonika, tired and hungry. We jumped into the pool, then showered (ah, clean hair :)), and finally we prepared a salad and some fruit for our evening meal before stretching out on our own beds for a good night’s sleep, very happy with our adventure.



  1. Someone should post a warning sign that the road between Mindouli and the Kinkala road is not in driving condition. That would have saved us from making the attempt to use that road thinking it’s a short cut, only to have to turn around 1/2 an hour into the drive and back track the same way we came. What a waste of time even though it made for an adventure and some good photos!


    • Right, although I still wonder where that ambulance was going, sirens and all?! Maybe there was a passage through at some point after all, something we missed? I can’t understand where though, but they sure looked like they knew where they were going. And at the point where we met them, we had only just turned around to go back, so if there was an alternative route, it must have been somewhere within the last few hundred metres or so before the huge gash in the road that made us turn back!

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