Back with the pack

What a welcome! Bigger smiles than these are hard to find. We’re back at the stables in Brazzaville, where my daughter has been riding for the past few years. It was lovely to see both our two-legged and four-legged friends. From the owner of the stables to the guard at the gate, and from majestic Aldebaran to chunky little Kiki, everyone greeted us so warmly.

The afternoon looked iffy, a heavy thunderstorm hit Brazzaville around 2pm. The riding arena often becomes so waterlogged that riding isn’t possible, but we were lucky, the storm didn’t last long.

On this first return to the stables Petit Andrew was the focus! He hasn’t been ridden more than a few times during the past six months, but he was super good despite the lack of practice. He’s six years old and still learning – and it’s mainly been our daughter who’s been training him. So it was a treat for her to see how he remembered what she’s taught him even though she’s been away for a while.

A great first evening back at the stables, and one that will be followed by many more!


One comment

  1. Of course Petit Andrew was the focus! He is pretty adorable despite his silly way of throwing his hooves around as he moves forward.


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