Tropical ailments

I spoke too early when I said that fourou bites in Mayombe hardly itch at all – not only were we covered in bites but the day after I wrote that post, the itching started and it’s been intense, ‘going crazy’ kind of intense ever since! Ha, I really got to eat my words there, at times I’ve felt like grabbing anything sharp, anything at all, to be able to do some serious scratching! But I try to resist, so as not to cause infection and scars.

On a more serious note, itching is one thing, but coming down with chikungunya is something else. Unfortunately our daughter has been infected. Chikungunya is a viral disease transmitted by daytime-flying mosquitoes. So mosquito nets aren’t of any help in preventing chikungunya. Oils, sprays, long clothing… and staying in air conditioned or mosquito netted spaces helps, but you can never really be 100% covered.

Based on incubation time, she most likely caught it in Brazzaville though, not in Mayombe. She’s had a very high fever as well as a headache, and pains in her feet, hands and jaws, so eating was a challenge for a few days. Classic chikungunya symptoms, as the doctor exclaimed! Luckily she seems to have a strong immune system that’s fighting back and so she’s already much better. So grateful she’s on the mend.



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